The Cost Plus Advantage of Construction

Casabella provides management services on your behalf for the construction of the project. We deal with reliable suppliers and contractors that provide us with builder pricing, which is provided to you as the customer. Management fees are added to actual costs. This is the basis of cost-plus construction. All costs are clearly shown and reported throughout the process, both through the budget process and construction phase.

We provide separate bank accounts for each customer to ensure all proceeds are used as intended throughout construction and a verified measure of costs. All invoices are tracked and reported to you on a monthly basis. All suppliers and contractors are experienced trades and have been used for many years on our construction projects.

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Construction with Casa Bella is an easy process

  • we develop plans with customer and designer
  • all plans are priced and budgeted
  • separate banking facilities
  • all costs are tracked and administered
  • Warranted work

Casabella Goals

  • make the process as enjoyable as possible
  • insure customer gets quality workmanship and products
  • customer satisfaction
  • on site daily supervision